Curtis Triplett is a student of music and has been for many years. He attended The Recording Connection in 2006 and was mentored by grammy award winning Doug Geist who owned the multi-million dollar Santa Fe Center Recording Studios in Albuquerque, NM.

Curtis later attended CRAS (Conservatory Of Recording Arts and Sciences) in Tempe/Gilbert Arizona and completed the audio engineering program in 2010. He is now a 2022 Full Sail University Grad of the Audio Arts program. His new found audio skills will help him groom his music as a self taught music producer and mix engineer. He, has also taken music theory classes and practice his creative ideas often.

Music is a life long journey and it can lead you to places you’ve never thought you could end up. He will use his talents and skills to produce, record, and mix his own musical tracks and use his talents to work with music supervisors, music libraries, clients and music publishing companies to build a solid career in the industry. 

All tracks listed below are tracks written, produced, recorded, mixed, and arranged by Curtis. The tracks: American Purge, Tears, Clouds, and Wavs were mastered @truesoundstudios and all others mastered by Curtis.

The Music

American Purge
lil Baby
Coming Soon
coming Soon